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Salmon leather—the next frontier in luxury, and sustainability!

In Alaska alone, some 2 billion pounds of fish waste are dumped overboard or in a landfill each year. To those of us who care about sustainable fish catches, that’s a problem—and an opportunity, at least for entrepreneur Craig Kasberg.

Links We Love: New Uses for Old Things

With spring around the corner, we’ve got makeovers on the brain. Here are some inventive ways to breathe new life into your space, with zero to minimal cost. Easy spring switch-ups to revamp your place. Remember our story on the zero-waste home? Get more tips from Béa Johnson on how to live within your eco-means. Toys and crafts you can make […]

Sunset Eat Fresh: My (nearly) Zero Waste Lunch

I’ve spent the past few years perfecting my almost waste free lunch. I originally started out small, like reusing plastic silverware and substituting wax paper bags for plastic. But once I got going, I realized how easy it was to reduce my waste and made it my goal to be trash free.