Our 6 Favorite Vegetarian Recipes for the Drought

We’re all working on our drought plans to save water in the bathroom, laundry room, and garden. But what about in the kitchen? Recent news says if we want to have a big impact on the drought, we have to address the biggest guzzler, food production.

Choose Your Own (CA Parks) Adventure

In our May issue’s Best of the West section, we’re featuring something really cool that’s come out of a joint venture between California’s Parks Forward Commission and the wildly innovative Bay Area design studio called Stamen. Looking to help Californians and visitors actually use the state’s public lands, the commission decided to let Stamen loose on its data, and the result? The new CaliParks browser-based heatmap, […]

Farro Tricolore with Balsamic-Fig Dressing from The Picnic

Deputy Editor Miranda Crowell, a serious grain-bowl devotee, took on Farro Tricolore with Balsamic-Fig Dressing—and fell for this highly customizable recipe.

Gray Water: From Laundry to Landscape

In 2009, it became fully legal in the entire state of California to divert your washing machine to your garden.