Favorite artists at the American Craft Council show

Short nap in the sun? Check. Amazing BLTs with the best summer tomatoes? Check. Huge show filled with incredible artisans and their wares? Check. This past weekend was pretty much perfect for me.

Vintage Beetles, now with electric motors!

Think of Zelectric Motors as a genius mash-up of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Love Bug. (“We can rebuild it. We can make it better than it was.”)

8 secret gems in Portland

1. 1856 1856 is a super-cool bottle shop and taproom with only eight stools and a well-curated beer list. Bring a growler to fill, an esoteric beer request, or just a powerful thirst–1856 can hook you up.

Eating Up the West Coast: Travels with Stella

Brigit Binns is the author of Eating Up the West Coast, an adventure-packed road-trip cookbook that she wrote for Sunset. Here, in her first of a series of guest posts, Brigit shares what it’s like to travel with a canine companion in the passenger seat. Once upon a time, my visceral dislike of winter in upstate New York dictated the start of a peripatetic tradition: […]