Our 5 favorite travel finds of the week

    Last week, we kicked off a new Westphoria column: our weekly round-up of the Sunset travel team’s 5 favorite discoveries of the week.

Farmers’ market find: purple artichokes

    What is it? Purple (‘opera’) artichokes from Coke Farm, at the farmers’ market in Menlo Park, CA—mixed in with a green globe-type variety.   Cool fact learned from farmer: Large, medium, and baby artichokes all come from the same plant, and are giant flower buds. As the weather warms, they begin to open up their petals, i.e., to […]

The only margarita recipe you’ll ever need

  There are plenty of days—most, I’d say—when it’s a good idea to go out for margaritas. Cinco de Mayo is not one of them. Hitting the bar or restaurant that claims the best margarita in town on the 5th of May is like buying long-stemmed roses on February 15. It’s a rookie move, and you’re not a rookie.

The best water-saving idea yet

My new water-conservation hero is John Cox, the executive chef at Sierra Mar, the restaurant at the much-loved Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.