Protect your backyard vegetables from birds with this $3 hack

Bird netting: anyone who’s used it can attest to what a tangled mess it can become in the garden. In the Sunset Test Garden, we use a simple system of bird netting that includes a $3 hack from the hardware store that makes all the difference in keeping the netting neat and tidy.

How to get rid of fruit flies

You’ve returned home from a long day of work, buoyed by thoughts of sinking your teeth into that amazing doughnut peach from last weekend’s farmers’ market haul.

3 low-energy ways to cool your home

  It’s August, which means it’s hot for most of us. But the environmentalist in you knows pumping the AC isn’t the answer. Matt Golden, an energy efficiency expert based in Sausalito, California, and CEO of Open Energy Efficiency, gave us tips for keeping cool for the rest of the summer. 1. Tighten things up. Make sure your ductwork is […]

Where to go this weekend: Taos, NM

Long renowned for its art, this mountain town blossoms in the summer, with beautiful hikes and alfresco eats. Christopher Hall explores the Southwestern town.