Links We Love: Small Victories

January is often a frugal month after the spending bonanza of holiday gifting and traveling. But if you’re feeling inspired to refresh your home, there are still small (translation: relatively affordable) ways to do just that, while still getting big results. Here are but a few faves. Typography prints to match every personality.

Healthy Meal Plan: 30-Minute Recipes

When my colleague Andrea Minarcek started this year’s Eat Fresh Challenge, her New Year’s goal was to cook every night—but she has a pretty long weekday commute. To inspire her, I compiled a short list of favorite recipes from our Fast & Fresh recipes collection (these are recipes you can cook in 30 minutes or less).

New Laws in 2015

2015 is officially in full swing! And while most people are busy using the first weeks of the New Year for inner self-refection and resolution, I thought it would also be appropriate to look outward and reflect on some other changes in the world that took place the second the clock struck midnight on January 1—meaning new state laws that […]

Sunset Eat Fresh, Last Day: Final Tally

As we wrap up our third annual #SunsetEatFresh challenge, several editors have evolved from caffeine-fiends and exercise-avoiders to fish-lovers and healthy eaters. (Joanna’s salad round-up is extremely impressive.)