A Telluride getaway, Disneyland’s big bash, a film fest—and more!

In honor of the Memorial Day long weekend coming up, we’re packing our bags and getting an early start on the weekend’s adventures! Here are our 5 favorite travel finds of the week.

Is there a drought in the Northwest?

This piece comes to us from longtime Sunset contributor, Jim McCausland. A piece on NPR last week mentioned that California’s drought seems to be spilling into the Pacific Northwest.

Our drought: How bad is it? What’s next?

Imagine the West without water. Parched soil, lakes reduced to puddles, streams dried up, mountains without snow. If this sounds like a doom- and- gloom Hollywood flick to you, read this book from The University of California Press—The West without Water. Here’s what you’ll learn…

Farmers’ market find: mulberries

What is it? ‘Pakistan’ variety of mulberries from The Mulberry Guy, at the downtown farmers’ market in Palo Alto, CA. The family also grows the shorter ‘Illinois’ mulberry variety.   Cool facts learned from farmer: Mulberries grow on a tree; most people think they grow on a bush, like the nursery school song says. The whole berry is edible, including […]