Four swimming pools and a drought

Just saw this on Bloomberg Business’s website: A developer building a 74,000-square-foot spec house in Bel Air is hoping to sell it for half a billion dollars. The price, though, isn’t what startled us. It’s how much water the place will soak up, what with its four swimming pools and 20,000 square feet of lawn.

How to wash your car with less than a cup of water

There’s a reason even diehard auto lovers across California are letting the dirt and dust build up on their windshields: Washing a car carelessly during the drought can be costly. It turns out, using a hose without a shut off nozzle can waste over 100 gallons of water in just 10 minutes. And even with reclamation mechanisms, drive through washes […]

Camp Sunset: How to make the perfect cup of camp coffee

Small comforts can make a huge difference when you travel—especially when you’re camping. One of the easiest treats you can make yourself at camp is a really good cup of coffee.

Lose the lawn: before and after in Palo Alto

For years, Jody and Michael Stauffer’s front yard in Palo Alto, California, was so unremarkable, they occasionally drove past their own home. The couple asked landscape designer Chris Jacobson of GardenArt Group to tear out their mossy grass and privacy hedge, then give their yard a new identity.