Crazy-Good Hot Cross Buns, Made Easy

Easter is a week away, and I’m already obsessing over hot cross buns, the buttery, sweetly spiced rolls studded with dried fruit.

Simple, affordable ways to refresh your kitchen

This week we are launching a new video series focused on easy and inexpensive ways to refresh the look of your home. First up: the kitchen. From hardware swaps and rearranging tips to refrigerator clean-ups, these ideas are easy to execute and will make all the difference in everyone’s favorite room of the house!

2015 Denver Idea House: March Update

The past eight weeks have seen a lot of change at the Idea House. For starters, the roof came off in preparation for framing the second floor. The architect took the chance to raise the ceiling a little bit–you can see the difference in where the original fireplace ends in the photo below. As they’ve started framing the second floor, […]

Links We Love: Foreign Affairs

While we obviously live and breathe all things West, we sometimes can’t help but take inspiration from more far-flung locales. Here are a few places we’re daydreaming about—and how to bring their style sensibilities into your home. 14 ways to decorate like a French woman. Tiled Moroccan side tables for a song. 10 garden ideas to steal from Ireland. Steal […]