Molly’s Toffee from Heartlandia

While making Molly’s Toffee, Assistant Travel Editor Megan McCrea learned the importance of reading directions. All of them. Before starting to cook.

Easiest DIY: Succulent-topped pumpkins

No carving necessary! Use the divot on top of a winter squash as a nook for succulent cuttings, and you’ve got yourself a festive design that lasts from Thanksgiving through the holidays (and beyond).

Butterscotch pudding from Heartlandia

Senior Copy Editor Trina Enriquez, an ardent butterscotch pudding admirer, overcame several cooking challenges to create this sweet, silky-smooth version of the classic dessert.

What to eat instead of Dungeness crab this year

Given the gloomy outlook for Dungeness crab season this year, we crab-lovers might need to contemplate a whole new holiday tradition. I have two suggestions.