Before and after: Oregon beach shack

It takes an architect to walk through a 100-year-old house marked for teardown and say, “This is perfect!” That’s just what Melody Emerick and her husband Brian did when they found the abandoned Oregon beach cottage they decided to turn into a weekend getaway.

Farmers’ market find: King Trumpets

King Trumpet mushrooms (Pleurotus eryngii), raised and sold by Far West Fungi, at the farmers’ market in Menlo Park, CA. “They’re my favorite mushroom. They have a very dense texture,” says farmer Loren Garrone, whose parents, John and Toby, own Far West.

6 ways to kid-proof your home

Writer and blogger Jody Brettkelly has four kids, so when it comes to designing with tough materials, she’s an expert. She shared the three most important tips she learned while remodeling her Oakland home, plus her top six near-invincible fabrics, floors, and stone.

Where to hike this weekend: California Coastal National Monument, Point Arena

For our August cover story, Sunset writers and editors had the tough job of scouring the entire Pacific Coast to find the most enjoyable new places to swim, hike, eat, drink, and stay the night. Talk about a difficult assignment. That’s why I made sure I got in on the fun and reported the coast from San Francisco north to Eureka. […]