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Houseplants: Does your planter need a saucer?

Not a day goes by in our store, Potted, that someone doesn’t ask about whether they need a saucer, especially with houseplants. It’s a good question because most planters don’t come with saucers—and some don’t even have holes. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about using saucers with houseplants:

Day 6: Mod Pod Birdhouses by Heather Rosenman

Nobody can deny that these ceramic birdhouses, sold at Potted Store, are breathtaking pieces of art. Heather Rosenman crafted these beauties to attract smaller birds, like chickadees and wrens, for $125 a pop. No doubt your feathery neighbors will thank you for this beautiful shelter—and the food you’ve left for them to enjoy.

Halloween: Not Just for Pumpkins

In my home, Halloween is our royal holiday. We compete with our neighbors to be the scariest house, and we’ve even gone so far as having a fake, giant spider we affectionately dub ‘Fluffy’ swoop down on teenagers. Yes, it’s probably cruel to make 17-year-old boys scream like little girls, but what can I say… it’s a little bit fun too.