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Fall gardening: 4 drought-busting plant combos for a cooler planet

Not to beat a dead lawn, but as summer temperatures were rising after two winters in a row of very low rainfall, the drought was never far from our minds in the West. So we reduced how often we watered our gardens … and lawn-shaming became a sport. But here’s the rub: Not watering our gardens—and allowing them to die—only heats up the […]

A tiny house with wings for walls

Sometimes we run across something so cool, we just have to share it. Like this little sleeping shed made by Alex Wyndham, a designer based in Santa Barbara (you may remember a recent chicken coop of his that we liked a lot).

Native Plants Go Glam

By now you’ve (hopefully) read our April issue, including Native heroes,  a look into the growing acceptance and availability of native plants for our gardens.