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Eat Fresh, Day 10: The key to making a resolution stick? Making it fun.

  Who: Andrea Minarcek, senior travel editor This year I’ve decided to: be a more creative, dedicated chef, starting with a two-week streak of trying a new, made-from-scratch recipe every day. So far, it’s: been great. I’ve discovered some tasty dishes that are easy enough to make on a weeknight and grown way more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Last night, while prepping this chicken stew with olives, lemon, […]

Eat Fresh, Day 9: Juicing inspiration, in bulk and with pint-size sidekicks

Who:  Erika Ehmsen, Managing Editor of Sunset’s Digital Editions (for your iPad, Android, etc.) This year, I’ve decided to:  Juice whole produce daily in a blender (not a juice “extractor,” which removes a lot of fiber). I chose this because:  My food pyramid leans toward grab-and-go breakfast bars, and I’m not consuming enough fruits and vegetables each day. This weekend was:  […]

Eat Fresh, Day 9: Put Lox on It

Who: Jessica Mordo, Senior Editor, This year, I’ve decided to: Eat more fish. I’m aiming for about 4 servings a week for the duration of this challenge. I chose this because: So many health benefits, yet I barely ever make it at home, favoring other animal proteins instead. This weekend was: Great! Last week I was feeling defeated by […]

Join the Second Annual Sunset Eat Fresh Challenge!

After months of holiday treats, meals, and drinks, we’re ready to hit reset and eat a little better—without denying ourselves real food! Starting Monday, January 6th, join our editors for five days of eating nothing but the West’s fresh, nutritious foods—lots of citrus, greens, almonds, and, for the ambitious, no processed sugar, booze or (gulp) caffeine.