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Designer feed: top inspiration for fall home updates

One decade out of any type of formal school situation and this time of year still has me itching for a fresh start (and a fresh notebook. I bought this one in Denver). This year I’m redirecting that energy toward my apartment. I want to freshen up the pillows and window treatments, and hang more art. This week’s feeds are inspiring […]

Designer feed: this week’s best style details

Designer feed: new hotels, stylish kitchens, and cottage envy

Oh, the goodies I have in store for you today! An awesome new hotel room in Bozeman (possibly my favorite Western city), a cottage I’d gladly rent on AirBNB if it were listed, and kitchens that have me wishing my landlord would let me tear down a wall or two. See this week’s top Instagram photos after the jump.

Designer feed: an incredible wall, crisp tile, and sketches

Let’s just cut right to it–that wall! That tile! Those fabrics! I’m a material girl, I guess, and these projects in progress are hitting all my buttons. Let’s take a closer look.