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Secret coastal retreat: Eureka, CA

It takes awhile to get to Eureka from just about anywhere—it’s a five-hour drive north of San Francisco, a 7-hour drive south from Portland. But once you’re there, you realize it’s worth the trip. The city of 26,000 has a stunning setting—it’s on the shores of one of the Pacific Coast’s great bays, Humboldt, and the giant trees of Redwood […]

Where to hike this weekend: California Coastal National Monument, Point Arena

For our August cover story, Sunset writers and editors had the tough job of scouring the entire Pacific Coast to find the most enjoyable new places to swim, hike, eat, drink, and stay the night. Talk about a difficult assignment. That’s why I made sure I got in on the fun and reported the coast from San Francisco north to Eureka. […]

The beach boardwalk with killer views

Maybe you’ve been on one of these things before—a boardwalk, it’s called—but never saw the actual, uh, boards you walked on because of all those bodies and arcades and hot-dog stands. The beauty of the Central California Coast is that you can actually see the coast. Take a look.

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A Big Sur view for under $200 per night

View from the doorstep of Lucia Lodge in Big Sur … yeah, year round. Under $200. More Big Sur: