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Popping Up a Business | Guest Post by Rachel Hofstetter

Here in the West, artisanal food is (forgive us) our jam. We asked Rachel, who chronicles the stories behind some of our favorite homegrown food companies in her new book, Cooking Up a Business, to share the story behind Quinn, our new microwave popcorn obsession.

The happiest city

After I returned from my first trip to Boulder, just as I quietly launched the I’ll-quit-my-job-move-to-the-rockies-and-become-a-yoga-instructor fantasy (a diagnosis that mental health professionals in the area must see a lot), CBS news came out with a story on the happiest cities in America and Boulder was smack on top.


Biking for everyone

We Westerners love our bikes – like, really, really love them. They’re synonymous with the way we live life out here: outdoors and with the earth – and style – in mind. But some people don’t have a bike, or just don’t want to cart one around all day. That’s why bike-sharing programs, where you rent a bike from one […]