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10 summer reads to take on a camping trip

Sunset contributor Robert Clark shares 10 musts for your summer reading list. As you’re surrounded by technology and the hustle and bustle of your routined life, it can be difficult to get a second and read what’s on your summer book list in peace. What better way to be at one with the words of that book you’ve been dying to […]

8 incredible books to give as gifts

Along with such best sellers as Rinker Buck’s travelogue The Oregon Trail; William Finnegan’s surfing memoir, Barbarian Days; and the late Ivan Doig’s Montana-rooted novel Last Bus to Wisdom, these fresh picks from some of our favorite booksellers will definitely be on our shopping lists. And maybe, just maybe, our friends and families will see this post…hint, hint. Mission High: One School, How Experts Tried to Fail It, and the Students and Teachers […]

Our favorite new design book (& Giveaway!)

One of our pet peeves when we’re considering homes for publication in the magazine is when an interior looks Decorated with a capital D–that is, like a pristine showcase for a designer rather than a place that looks lived in by actual people. That’s why we’re loving the new design book Sage Living (Chronicle Books; $30) by Anne Sage, the L.A.-based lifestyle blogger and co-founder of […]

Your 2015 fall reading list: Editors’ favorite books of the West