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Where to Find Delicious Indian Street Food

Although you can find street snacks at many restaurants in the West, not all are good. These are reliably excellent places—some are traditionally Indian; some take a fresh, modern approach.

Lose a Lawn, Gain a Garden

Ready to rid your yard of that water-greedy lawn and transform it into something much more vibrant and eco-friendly? Join this Saturday, November 2nd, for tips on sheet mulching, an easy, chemical-free technique to get rid of your lawn.

A Hidden Oasis in Muir Woods

In New York, the cool kids know where the party’s at — and it’s usually at 1am in a top-secret abandoned warehouse in New Jersey. In the Bay Area, you still need to know someone with the directions to find the best weekend party, but the “directions” are a trail map and the dress code is hiking boots and a Camelback.

Machu Picchu in a San Francisco Backyard

Camelias and hydrangeas? No, thank you. Western garden creators like it wild. Lucky for us, our mild coastal climate in the Bay Area means we can use tropical plants (like bromeliads) as we let our imaginations run free. Example: Designer Christopher Reynolds was given carte blanche when it came to designing a friend’s San Francisco backyard. He took a jungly […]