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Save Water: Plant an Agave

For a select group of plant nerds, gardening in the backyard is not enough—they are compelled to travel to the deserts, cliffs, and valleys to which their favorite plants are native. We’re super excited to introduce Greg Starr, one such plant explorer, as our newest guest blogger. Greg specializes in cactuses and succulents, with a special emphasis on agaves (he’s literally […]

Where to Go This Weekend: Phoenix’s Camelback Mountain

On Phoenix’s iconic peak, a spring day on the slopes means gorgeous views, classy cocktails, and roses galore. We tapped Scottsdale-based writer Nora Burba Trulsson as our mountain guide. Here, her five picks for a peak experience.

Where To Go This Weekend: Yuma, Arizona

Winter is the perfect time to visit America’s sunniest city: you can get your hands dirty on a Field to Feast Tour, study Mexican cooking with the pros, stroll verdant gardens, or, simply, soak in the sun on the Colorado River. Writer Kate Siber points the way, with these five, can’t-miss Yuma experiences. Happy travels!