Sunset Talks Water

California’s water cutbacks: Good news, but at what price?

So, it’s official: California’s water use dropped by 27 percent in June–the first month of Governor Brown’s mandatory cutbacks during our historic drought. Some cities even exceeded the target. That’s the good news. But there’s bad news for some Californians, hitting them right in the pocketbook! 

3 new gadgets that will help you save water

Make every drop count with one of the latest in smart watering gadgets. The best thing about this new generation of smart water controllers? They all have an app, so all it takes to make sure your tomatoes are getting watered is the tap of a finger.

Could this inflatable shower curtain scare you into saving water?

  Okay, so you stopped watering your lawn. You recycle water in the kitchen. Maybe you no longer wash your car. Now are you ready to take shorter showers? With this funky new shower curtain, you won’t have a choice.

Drought hack: paint your lawn green

Lawn painting businesses are booming as a result of California’s current drought. I came across this oddly hypnotizing video about Josh Cox, a Fresno-based lawn painter.