Sunset Talks Water

Is there a drought in the Northwest?

This piece comes to us from longtime Sunset contributor, Jim McCausland. A piece on NPR last week mentioned that California’s drought seems to be spilling into the Pacific Northwest.

Santa Barbara oil spill stains beaches

There’s a professor at Florida International University, Stephen Leatherman, who is known as Dr. Beach and proclaims himself to be “America’s foremost beach expert.” He has made a career out of selecting, annually, a list of the country’s top ten beaches. Every year, he has a different winner.

Down in the valley takes on a new meaning

It sounds like part of a kooky plot hatched by a comic book supervillain. Or maybe Austin Powers’s archenemy Dr. Evil has found the scheme that will finally bring him “one hundred BEELyon dollars.” The sober truth, however, is that California’s San Joaquin Valley is sinking—in some spots, up to a foot a year. 

Visit La Monarca Bakery, help save the monarchs

As Sunset reported last week in a conversation with Annie’s Annuals owner Annie Hayes, once green gardens and lawns around the state are going dry—and that change is saving the region valuable water. But unfortunately, as Hayes noted, not everyone is benefitting. Bees, butterflies and other creatures regularly depend on our plants and flowers for support. The monarch butterfly species […]