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The One-Block Diet blog was born in 2008 as a way for us to report on our then-new local-eating project: an initiative to grow and make everything ourselves for a summer dinner, to be published, with recipes, in our August 2008 issue. Our adventures–both successes and failures–in everything from raising chickens and backyard beekeeping to wine-, beer-, even salt-making are documented in this archive.

The Beach Tractors feast on land and at sea with two One-Block parties

The Beach Tractors are a group of young families in Morro Bay, on California’s central coast. Over the course of this One-Block Party contest, they’ve replaced concrete slab yards with edible gardens, seeded an oyster bed, and planted a rooftop garden; raised meat chickens and laying hens; and borrowed goats for milk. Rather than just one party, they decided to […]

Team Food Court’s bacon-and-rooster One-Block party

Team Food Court, of Bellevue, WA, named themselves in honor of the food at the mall just a few blocks away. “We want all the variety of a food court, but this block will be much more delicious. A salad bar, an ice cream place, pizza…The Food Court has it all.” Team leader Jennifer Harvey moved to Bellevue from Sausalito, […]

Green papayas, giant prawns, and more at the Bad Skunks’ One-Block Party

Team Bad Skunks is a group of food exchangers in Los Angeles, near Highland Park, who like to have fun. Everyone in the group grows food—interesting things like nopal cactus, loquats, and burdock along with standbys like beans and peppers, as well as lots and lots of fruit. Team leader Max Wong, who has a fun blog of her own, […]

Team No Gardeners Left Behind sets a new school standard with its One-Block Party

In California’s Central Valley ag country, No Gardeners Left Behind—a group of teachers at Yolo Middle School, in Newman—combined forces to enter our One-Block Party Contest. They grew vegetables, herbs, and fruits in their collective gardens, raising chickens for eggs, and learned from one another all summer long—veteran gardeners are teaching novices. They threw their party at the school on […]

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