Idea House (Sponsored)

This year’s show home is in the quintessential Southern California town of Manhattan Beach. Tours begin August 1, 2014. See for more details.

Ask the Expert: Michael Gori on Decking

We asked Michael Gori, VP of Product Management for AZEK, for his expert advice on building a new deck. My daughter and her friends are always scratching up the deck with their soccer cleats! It’s time for a change that can withstand the havoc of children. Help? – Sherri Johnson, Salinas, CA Maintaining the crisp look of a new wood […]

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Ask the Expert: Miguel Nelson on Vertical Gardens

We asked Miguel Nelson, founder of Woolly Pocket, for his expert advice on using living wall planters. I have no ground space but I really want a vegetable garden. Can I grow edible plants in the Living Wall Planter?  Is it safe? Which will do best? ­ ­—Penny Conwell, Portland, OR Yes, yummy organic edibles thrive in Woolly Pockets, especially […]

Ask the Expert: Alan Bethke on Car Shopping

We asked Alan Bethke, Vice President of Marketing for Subaru of America, for his advice on what to look for when you’re shopping for a new car.

Ask the Expert: Diana Schrage on Upgrading Bathroom Fixtures

We asked Diana Schrage, Kohler Design Center Interior Designer, for her expert advice on choosing the best bathroom fixtures.