Sunset Talks Water

El Niño prep: Harvest rain from your roof

Santa Fe permaculture landscape designer Nate Downey knows the drill: Do a rain dance for weeks, then rejoice as it falls before cursing the flooding and erosion it causes.

In Bel-Air, one homeowner is using enough water to sustain 90 households

We’re picking our jaws up from our keyboards to bring you this: One homeowner in Bel-Air uses 11.8 million gallons of water a year—that’s 1,300 gallons an hour and enough for 90 households.

Fall gardening: 4 drought-busting plant combos for a cooler planet

Not to beat a dead lawn, but as summer temperatures were rising after two winters in a row of very low rainfall, the drought was never far from our minds in the West. So we reduced how often we watered our gardens … and lawn-shaming became a sport. But here’s the rub: Not watering our gardens—and allowing them to die—only heats up the […]

Now a 95% chance for a rainy winter

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration last week raised the odds for a wet winter and spring in California to 95%. Fingers crossed! I am so looking forward to seeing our hillsides turn that brilliant Irish green we get only in winter. To celebrate, I bought a native ceanothus plant to match the one I have growing in my garden now. At […]