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8 easy-care plants for parking strip gardens

It’s easy to overlook the so-called ‘hellstrip’—that small strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb—but transforming that space into a garden can add big time curb appeal.

Amazing low-water garden resource

Totally geeky, amazingly useful—that’s my take on the irrigation field trials that UC Davis conducts. And the result is a fantastic resource for low-water gardening.

White House responds to massive honeybee decline

It’s no secret that the global state of honeybees has reached historic low. According to The Washington Post, American beekeepers lost 42.1% of their colonies between April 2014 and 2015-an 8% increase from the year prior.

The best garden toolkit for dad

I’ll admit I was skeptical—tools that come apart and fit in a case seem more like a cute gimmick than the real deal. Whoa, I was wrong.