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How to deadhead roses

Like clockwork, ‘Memorial Day’ is in full bloom in our test garden. And while Lauren Dunec Hoang confessed to me that she loathes it (“Color, form, basically everything about it), I love it!  It’s a robust, upright hybrid tea variety with a super sweet scent that makes for a long-lasting cut flower. Really—what’s not to love?

Our drought: How bad is it? What’s next?

Imagine the West without water. Parched soil, lakes reduced to puddles, streams dried up, mountains without snow. If this sounds like a doom- and- gloom Hollywood flick to you, read this book from The University of California Press—The West without Water. Here’s what you’ll learn…

How to attract pollinators to your veggie garden

Make a bee buffet in your backyard.

DIY: gold leaf terra cotta pots

With the addition of a little gold leaf, old terra cotta pots can have a whole new life—and far more pizzazz.