Fresh Dirt

Gray Water: From Laundry to Landscape

In 2009, it became fully legal in the entire state of California to divert your washing machine to your garden.

Xeric, Water-wise, Drought-tolerant—What Does it All Mean?

We throw around a lot of terms about plants that use less water. With a crippling drought on our hands, let’s break the terms and what they actually mean.

How to Pick the Right Paving for Your Garden

Pathways and seating areas are as much a part of a beautiful garden as plants. There’s always a need to get from Here to There, and the materials chosen to pave these spaces become essential characteristics of a garden’s design.

Before and After: Losing the Lawn with Magical Results

Before the remodel Before this classic Santa Monica bungalow was updated, its garden had the same vintage vibe, with a lawn and other thirsty plants, all irrigated by sprinklers. Keeping the yard green took 226,208.91 gallons of water per year!