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Succulent Candle Holders: Make Any Table Special

If you love succulents as much as we do at Potted, then you’ll love this workshop we just did with Linda Estrin of Succulent Floral Arts.  They’re super easy to make.  

Last-Minute Christmas Tree Rentals

Live potted Christmas trees have a lot going for them. They’re beautiful, fresh, and they’re keepers, which is why we often bring a few into Sunset’s garden to trial.

Growing Tomatoes and Potatoes FROM THE SAME PLANT?

Oregon-based Territorial Seed Company announces the US unveiling of ‘Ketchup ‘N Fries’, a tomato grafted with a potato (or is it the other way around?). It took a decade’s worth of research to create this masterpiece. Being called a “tomtato,” the plant combines to nightshade family members (Solanacaea), with staggered maturity times so that the plant can focus all of […]

A Roof Made From Cactus Pads

  Let’s back up a minute. Do you know of Steve Martino? You should know of Steve Martino. He’s the genius landscape architect of the Southwest who does projects like this and this. If I could have one person in the whole entire world design my home garden, I would choose Steve. Hands down.