Designers’ Digs: Sonja Rasula’s L.A. Studio

Today: Sonja Rasula’s office in the heart of downtown L.A.’s burgeoning Arts District. Sonja is a designer and the brains behind State of Unique, the enormous two-day marketplaces that take place in San Francisco, L.A., and New York and only sell American-made products.

Designers’ Digs: Illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt

This spring, we’re taking a peak at a few of our favorite designers’ studios and workshops. Today, we meet illustrator-designer-maker-of-things Kate Bingaman Burt in her Portland studio, which is just upstairs from ADX, a communal workshop for crafter-thinkers.

Behind the Scenes: Our Food Lover’s Launch Party

The launch of our March Food Lover’s issue—our first-ever, all-food issue—wouldn’t be complete without a party devoted to the subject. To celebrate, we invited our Chefs Feed partners (check out the story here) and a group of food-loving bloggers to tour the Sunset campus and meet few stars from the issue, including chef Michael Mina and Sunset’s talented food editor, Margo True.

Couch Fest: The Awkwardly Awesome Film Festival

Take a film festival, mix in the networking spirit of a Meetup and Seattle’s homebody tendencies and you get Couch Fest, the annual film festival that takes place in people’s living rooms. Yes, you heard us. That means you go to someone’s house and watch movies – mind you, Sundance-quality shorts. But on a stranger’s sofa. For free.

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