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The making of a Sunset recipe

  Our original Test Kitchen, 1966 (left), and our current Test Kitchen (right). Recipe testing will continue to be part of our approach when we move to our new offices in Oakland and Sonoma.  Last week, the Los Angeles Times ran a thought-provoking story about the current state of recipe testing in America, and singled out Sunset’s test kitchen as […]

5 creative ways to top your avocado toast

At various points in my life, I’ve had too many burgers, too much wine, too much bacon, too much cheese. But I can never get enough avocado toast.

A brave new kind of cookbook

  What do you do when you have a brilliant idea for a book, yet no publisher willing to take it? You ask its future audience to fund its publication. And they do.

How to make the best fried chicken ever

Some people are great at baking. Some make excellent cocktails. And Julia Lee is fantastic at making fried chicken.