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Thanksgiving Potluck: Kale Salad with Hot Cider Vinaigrette

This month, we’re cooking our way through Deborah Madison’s freshly revised New Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. In our last Thanksgiving installment, food editor Margo True ends our potluck with a delightful kale salad. In my family, you don’t mess with Thanksgiving. A group of fairly adventurous eaters, we are committed to the beloved and the familiar on that one happy day. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, […]

Sopes: Like Nachos, Only Better

One night after making piles of tamales (see our story in the December 2014 issue), I had some masa (corn dough) left over, and I couldn’t bear to toss it. So I made sopes. I formed little cups from the dough, baked them briefly, and fried them until crisp and golden.

Rachael Ray Buys Edible Souvenirs for Her Dog

Recently, I interviewed Rachael Ray when she came through San Francisco to promote her ninth season on the air. She’d just been included in Fortune and Food & Wine’s new “Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink” list, largely for her incredible success at raising money for good causes (she’s raised more than $10 million for kids’ health and animal […]

Office Swag

Starting in early spring (which here in California means February), bags and boxes of homegrown fruits and vegetables start showing up around our offices. Lots of employees have edible gardens and, more important, are moved to share what they grow.