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Farmers’ market find: sprouted beans and lentils

  What is it? A mix of sprouted organic chickpeas, mung beans, adzuki beans, and lentils from Cozzolino Farm, at the farmers’ market in Menlo Park, CA.  

Farmers’ market find: purple artichokes

    What is it? Purple (‘opera’) artichokes from Coke Farm, at the farmers’ market in Menlo Park, CA—mixed in with a green globe-type variety.   Cool fact learned from farmer: Large, medium, and baby artichokes all come from the same plant, and are giant flower buds. As the weather warms, they begin to open up their petals, i.e., to […]

5 Quick and Dirty Ways to Save Water as a Renter

As this big, bad drought continues to parch the West, landlords might raise rents to cover rising water costs, or ask tenants to pay their water bills directly. It won’t be conscience alone that motivates us renters to save water, but our budgets, too. Even though I don’t have a lawn to stop watering, I’ve found other ways of saving gallons […]

A Picnic Finale on the Lawn with The Picnic

For more than a week now, we’ve been posting recipes from The Picnic, a charming little book by Portlanders Marnie Hanel, Andrea Slonecker, and Jen Stevenson. However, as you’ll notice when you have your own copy, this is not just a recipe book; it’s also about attitude, joie de vivre, and the art of packing. So, as part of our […]