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Ask the Expert: Janet Sluis on picking the right plants for your garden

We asked Janet Sluis, Sunset Western Garden Collection‘s plant expert, for her advice on picking the right plants and flowers for your gardens. Succulents are great and all, but I want some big, bright flowers that are still drought tolerant. What flowers will thrive in low-water conditions? –Krista Fisher, Riverside, CA Unfortunately “big, bright blooms” and drought tolerant is a […]

Ask the Expert: Kara Roberts on picking window treatments

My fiancée and I just bought a house and are overwhelmed with window treatment options! We want to be able to control light and make our home more efficient, plus we’d like some color and pattern. What’s the best option for us?

Ask the Expert: Andrea Ramirez on flavored coffee (and more!)

We asked Andrea Ramirez, customer marketing manager at Torani, for her expert advice on how to use flavoring syrups at home.

Don’t Miss: California’s Bookstore Day

Remember Sleepless in Seattle? Not so long ago, we were all mourning the imminent end of independent booksellers, beset as they were by the megastores (Barnes & Noble, Borders) and the web (Amazon). Now they’re having the last—or at least the latest—laugh.