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What Was Sunset Up to 100 Years Ago?

Since this is the last week of my summer internship here at Sunset, I got started thinking about all the history behind this 116-year-old publication. Where was the first garden we planted? What was the first recipe we published? When did we first profile a Western home? And who illustrated the beautiful vintage covers?

Sunset‘s One-Block Feast

Remember when we raised hens, kept bees, and attempted to time-share a Jersey cow named Adelaide? That was all part of our One-Block Diet, a quest we launched in 2007 to live off our own land. We made cheese, bottled wine, grew a bounty of beautiful, fresh produce, and even harvested salt from ocean water—all right outside our office in […]

Sunset‘s Best Drought-Fighting Tactics From 1989

Sunset published this booklet, Waterwise Gardening, in the midst of a California drought during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. It wasn’t the first time we wrote about the West’s water future, but it was very forward-thinking in its evaluation, bringing up problems we still face today: population growth, ground-water depletion, and the natural cycle of our semidesert climate, which, […]

Sunset‘s First Drought-Friendly Gardens: ’70s Terrariums

Our 1973 Terrariums & Miniature Gardens book is out of print, but we dug up a copy of the popular relic from our archives.