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Kurt Lived Here

For our January story Here We Are Now, we sent Portland photographer John W. Clark to Aberdeen, Washington, to shoot the town where Kurt Cobain grew up. The story focuses on Aberdeen, a downbeat logging community an hour West of Olympia, and how it’s embracing Cobain and his legacy, some 20 years after the musician took his own life.

Monterey Bay’s Freaky Fish

Anyone with a fish fetish and a pair of binoculars can get a postcard-worthy peak of the Monterey Bay. But to truly appreciate one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems, you’ll need to go a bit deeper.

Sunset Eat fresh, Days 3-5: Don’t let the awesome end.

Who: Nino Padova, senior editor I’m giving up: Sarcasm. Scooby-Doo recap of the last three days: Mornings were great. I’m not a coffee guy (not bitter enough) so my brain moves at banana-slug speeds until about 10:30. Any loose lip before then can usually be written off as garden-variety grouchiness. I call that a win, albeit on a technicality. Electronic communication—emails, IMs, […]

Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 2: What would Kermit do?

Oh there were some bumps in the road today. The morning meeting I didn’t know about that took a strange turn. The woman beside me on the train applying her makeup and deodorant. The day-one momentum is burning off, and I’m starting to wonder: Can I really do this?