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100 new marine species discovered by Cal Academy of Sciences

First, please take a moment and congratulate yourself—you’ve survived Shark Week! The Discovery Channel’s seven-day sizzle reel of shoddy science, bad acting, and snap-happy great whites is now safely behind you, freeing up your unsevered attention for more serious fish stories.

Are you ready for a better IPA?

The first craft beer I ever drank was an IPA smuggled from a friend’s older brother’s minifridge. It tasted bitter and pungent and, to my Michelob-enlightened palate, unfit for immoderate teenage consumption. I swore it off. But when I tried it years later, I loved it: the golden orange color, the bold hoppy flavors. Now this was an adult beverage, I […]

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Is Tom Selleck stealing your water?

The man behind television’s most famous mustache is at the center of a drought-shaming controversy. Actor Tom Selleck, star of the CBS show no one’s ever heard of Blue Blood and the Ferrari-driving private dick in the 1980s series Magnum, P.I., has been accused of stealing public water to service his sprawling estate in Ventura County, north of L.A.

How to celebrate Canada Day like a Canadian

Oh Canada, how we take thee for granted! You’re like that polite neighbor in the upstairs apartment who tip-toes after dark and never asks for her Tupperware back. You gave us the pacemaker, the Wonderbra, and Justin Bieber… and have we ever once thanked you?