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How to celebrate Canada Day like a Canadian

Oh Canada, how we take thee for granted! You’re like that polite neighbor in the upstairs apartment who tip-toes after dark and never asks for her Tupperware back. You gave us the pacemaker, the Wonderbra, and Justin Bieber… and have we ever once thanked you?

Meet Oakland’s Cat Whisperers

An unlikely duo is changing the way the Bay Area adopts cats and drinks coffee. Since opening America’s first cat cafe in Oakland last October, owners Ann Dunn and Adam Myatt have found themselves living in a real-world Internet meme: herding cats, commissioning sprawling Catzilla murals, and getting cat tattoos. But they aren’t your typical crazy cat people. Dunn and Myatt founded […]

5 ways to crush it in Petaluma

Not long ago, downtown Petaluma’s main draws were its funky stuck-in-time saloons and quirky parades (read: Butter and Egg Days).

Why are baby lobsters washing up on a Mexican beach?

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on Mexican beaches, but nothing quite like this… Earlier this week thousands of baby lobsters washed up on a 5-mile stretch of shore near Tijuana. The event reportedly began on Monday, and by Tuesday morning police and fire department officials, with help from local residents, were on the beach with buckets, working to […]