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Monterey Bay’s Freaky Fish

Anyone with a fish fetish and a pair of binoculars can get a postcard-worthy peak of the Monterey Bay. But to truly appreciate one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems, you’ll need to go a bit deeper.

Sunset Eat fresh, Days 3-5: Don’t let the awesome end.

Who: Nino Padova, senior editor I’m giving up: Sarcasm. Scooby-Doo recap of the last three days: Mornings were great. I’m not a coffee guy (not bitter enough) so my brain moves at banana-slug speeds until about 10:30. Any loose lip before then can usually be written off as garden-variety grouchiness. I call that a win, albeit on a technicality. Electronic communication—emails, IMs, […]

Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 2: What would Kermit do?

Oh there were some bumps in the road today. The morning meeting I didn’t know about that took a strange turn. The woman beside me on the train applying her makeup and deodorant. The day-one momentum is burning off, and I’m starting to wonder: Can I really do this?

Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 1: The importance of being earnest

For me, sarcasm is like that sleeve of Double Stuf Oreos you keep tucked away in your desk drawer: It tastes good and gives you a quick jolt, but in the end you wind up tired, bloated, and with a bunch of junk in your teeth. Empty calories for the soul.