Johanna Silver
You'd think that Johanna would bring some serious Rocky Mountain credibility to the Westphoria team by being a Denver native, but forget it – she hates skiing, loathes Fat Tire, and basically has a fear of camping (a bear could eat me). Sorry, Colorado! She regains all cred by being a fully-transitioned Bay Area cliché–knowing how to slaughter a chicken, occasionally biking 40 miles to work, and not batting an eye while blasting the heat during a freezing San Francisco summer.

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Growing Tomatoes and Potatoes FROM THE SAME PLANT?

Oregon-based Territorial Seed Company announces the US unveiling of ‘Ketchup ‘N Fries’, a tomato grafted with a potato (or is it the other way around?). It took a decade’s worth of research to create this masterpiece. Being called a “tomtato,” the plant combines to nightshade family members (Solanacaea), with staggered maturity times so that the plant can focus all of […]

A Roof Made From Cactus Pads

  Let’s back up a minute. Do you know of Steve Martino? You should know of Steve Martino. He’s the genius landscape architect of the Southwest who does projects like this and this. If I could have one person in the whole entire world design my home garden, I would choose Steve. Hands down.

4 Great Gift Books for the Garden Lover

We are just swimming in new garden books that are knocking our socks off. We didn’t have room for all of them in our December gift guide, so here are a few more to choose from. Happy shopping/reading/gardening!

Behind the Scenes From Our December Protea Story (+ A GIVEAWAY!)

Staff photographer Tom Story shot a book’s worth of pictures at the Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers in Rainbow, CA for our December feature. We couldn’t fit them all in the magazine, so here are some more goodies for you to enjoy.