Gina Marie Goff
How did you end up in the Bay Area?
The answer I gave in my job interview: I moved here to finish my education at UC Berkeley. The real answer: I moved for a dude, then luckily was accepted at Cal shortly thereafter. The guy didn’t stick--but San Francisco did. Best “mistake” I ever made.

What's one skill people don't know you have?
While I love good food, I’m a pretty clumsy cook. (I’m fairly certain I’m one small kitchen fire away from the landlord shutting off the gas in my apartment.) However, I am an expert bartender. My assignment at dinner parties is always cocktail hour.

What’s your Sunset confession?
I kill roughly 10 orchids a year. I’ve tried everything from watering with ice cubes to showering with them (they supposedly love the steam), but they still die untimely deaths. I keep buying them partially because I like the challenge and partially because they at least tend to die slow deaths.

When do you feel most Westphoric?
When I’m walking down the hill to pick up my dry cleaning and I turn a corner to see the bay sparkling under the Golden Gate Bridge, or when I’m driving Hwy. 280 to work and there’s nothing but gorgeous greenery for miles on end, I get totally Westphoric. The fact that there is always a stunning backdrop to life’s most mundane tasks really makes you appreciate living here.

What is your favorite season?
Fall is magical in the West. The air smells a little cleaner, the weather is perfectly imperfect, and the back-to-school mood always inspires me to learn new things and seek out new adventures.

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