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Three New L.A. Openings That Make Us Want to Visit—Right Now!

There are so many great pockets of the West that I’ve yet to see (Glacier National Park, Boise, and Bend are currently topping my to-go list) that it seems silly to spend precious vacation days visiting anywhere I’ve been before. And yet… Lately, all of the cool openings in Los Angeles are making me want to return.

Los Alamos, CA: Editor’s wine picks

A recent travel article on Los Alamos, CA—a wine-country town fifty miles north of Santa Barbara—left us wishing we could sample some of the region’s great wines from afar. Our wine editor, Sara Schneider, held a taste test at the office, and we selected our favorites—four bottles you can buy across the West. If you can’t get to Los Alamos, sipping these is the next best thing. Here are four bottles we love from that region:

Editors’ Airbnb Wish List

As a travel editor, a big part of my job is scouting out a destination’s best restaurants, boutiques, dive bars, antique stores, accommodations… you-name-its. Work of this kind, inevitably, leads to a fair amount of wanderlust and—I readily admit—daydreaming.

Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 4: The naughty way I was

Who: Andrea Minarcek, senior editor I’m giving up: Sugar, booze, red meat. My biggest challenge so far: My sweet tooth, it turns out, is not that strong. I’ve been able to breeze by the dessert ledge at work—a wooden shelf perpetually lined with chocolate, toffee, and candy temptations—with no problem. I even abstained at a going-away party for a coworker on Tuesday that […]