Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 4: It’s Pie O’ Freaking Clock

January 9, 2014 | By | Comments (0)
Pie O' Clock

Even my emails are dirty temptresses.

Gina Goff, managing editor

I’m giving up: Caffeine, Alcohol, Red Meat

My biggest challenge today: Today, the Sunset campus became a real-world temptation island for the Eat Fresh Challengers. I made it through lunch OK—but then there was an array of gourmet chocolate candies laid out on the table at our 2pm Celebration Weekend planning meeting. And then I returned to my desk to the above email, entitled “It’s Pie O’Clock” … followed 4 minutes later by another, “And Torani Peppermint Fudge.”

I feel: Paranoid.  I’m starting to think the non-challengers in this office are tiring of the rest of our virtuous attitudes this week and have systematically set out to sabotage us. And, also: dried apricots suck. I want REAL CANDY. AND WINE.

I may be breaking. 

See if I can make it the final 24 hours without cheating by following me on Twitter @ginamariegoff, Instagram @gmg415 or following hashtag #SunsetEatFresh on either.


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