Kickstarter We Love: Self-Watering Patch Planters

June 13, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Two years ago we loved watching the modular and customizable Urbio vertical planter system raise five times their fundraising goal on Kickstarter, the awesome crowd-funding source for creative projects.

Now, I’m rooting for a new green-your-home product campaign: The self-watering “Patch” planters made by a Vancouver entrepreneur. (Shout out to Vancouver shop, Walrus Home, where I first spotted Patch.)

How it works:

From the founders: Founded in Vancouver in 2012 by entrepreneur Kent Houston, Let’s Patch was fuelled by the idea that anyone could grow food, anywhere. Kent wanted to help people grow good food not only because it was healthy, but because it could help improve and propel communities to be a viable solution for environmental challenges. After experimenting with prototypes, he discovered how much food could actually be grown on our windowsills and what benefits small actions could have. So, he tried to figure out ways to make things easy, friendly, and a little nicer looking.

And what do I love more than an eco-friendly product promoting healthy living? One with a good charitable cause. Patch supports Growing Chefs!, a classroom gardening program giving students hands-on experience growing and cooking their own food.

Support Patch here! (They’ve got 1 day to go!)


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