Sunset Fresh Food Challenge: Day 7

January 12, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

Salsa cruda for pasta; Jun'12; 3 pastas; FS=Robyn Valarik

Breakfast: Herbal tea

Scrambled Eggs with vegan pesto on gluten-free toast

Lunch: Mixed greens salad with pistachios, roasted beets, avocados, and red onion with herbed vinaigrette without the cheese

Dinner: Farfalle pasta with artichokes and peppers, using brown rice pasta, available everywhere.

Exercise: None

Like I do every year, I started this week thinking that sacrificing my usual vices was going to be incredibly tough. And some days it was. But now that I’m done, I realize, like I do every year, that it wasn’t so bad, and that the way I feel—light, healthy, and full of energy—was worth the struggle.

Okay, so I didn’t kick the coffee habit entirely. I’m an addict. I know it and I admit it freely. But after 7 days, and only giving in once with a meager half cup, I’m still calling it a victory. It’s not about dieting, but making good choices everyday and this week has made it easier to incorporate good choices into my daily life. I loved that gluten-free bread, even if it does cost almost $8 a loaf. I’m going to keep buying it and using it for sandwiches and breakfast toast.

However, I will have pizza tomorrow, followed closely by a scoop of rum raisin ice cream, as a reward for my successful week of good eating. I’ll get back to the gluten-free stuff after this day of indulgence.

For those of you who started your own cleanse and followed along, I’m curious to know how you fared and what changes—if any—you’ll make going forward. Let me know in the comments here, or email me at If you didn’t do a cleanse, that’s okay too. If you decide to do something later in the year, you’ll know where to come for encouragement. And hey, I do this every year, so watch for me—and my coffee withdrawals—in January 2014.

Happy New Year.

Just tuning in? Catch up on Amy’s 7-day fresh-food cleanse here


  1. Hillary

    I did a cleanse as well, and I agree, it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. This was my first one, and I learned a lot– vegan food is not terrible, I made a great curry that was delicious. Green smoothies in a Vitamix are the best way to eat vegetables in the morning– I will stick with that habit several days a week. But I really missed eggs, coffee and wine!

    January 15, 2013 at 3:55 pm

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