Sunset Fresh Food Challenge: Day 3

January 8, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Today’s citrus smoothie and cabbage soup, yum.

Breakfast: Citrus smoothie and a handful of almonds

Lunch: Brown rice, avocado and cucumber roll from Whole Foods; Odwalla Green monster drink

Dinner: Cabbage soup

Snack: Cashews, tangerine, apple, dates, sunflower seeds, and rice crackers with left over hummus

Exercise: Walk to Whole Foods and an acupuncture appointment

Three days into the cleanse and I’m getting hungry much more often, like every couple of hours. If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed that I eat a lot of snacks, especially today. Cashews, a tangerine, rice crackers, hummus, more fruit–what can I say? I was hungry. Since the foods I’m eating are easy to digest, my body doesn’t take as long to break them down and therefore it’s ready for more sooner.

I’ve also noticed that I don’t have those energy fluctuations that come with eating big, heavy meals. It’s only day 3 for me, but I’ve already found I don’t have the usual post-lunch food coma. From morning to night, I feel pretty even in my energy levels, something that doesn’t happen when lunch is a bacon cheeseburger

So while you’re eating a restricted diet this week, you’re by no means counting calories. In fact, I encourage you to keep eating, eating, eating if you feel like it. As long as what you’re snacking on is all fresh, healthy, and within the parameters of what you’ve established as the boundaries from the start, feel free to indulge. You only have to live the life of moderation when you’re eating things the not-so-healthy stuff (i.e.: pizza, potato chips, candy, mocha lattes, etc.).

Find more healthy snack options, like black bean tomatillo dip and kale chips, here, most of which are cleanse-friendly or easy to amend.

Just tuning in? Learn about the challenge here and get the menu plan and grocery list here.


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