California pizza madness

July 18, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

Del Popolo’s shipping-container-turned-pizzeria (photograph by Eric Zepeda)


Yes, we’re buried in pizza. And yes, we’ve done food trucks to death. But still, we just can’t resist pointing out two new mobile-margherita ventures in California: Jon Darsky’s Del Popolo tractor trailer, made out of an old shipping container and now tooling around up in San Francisco. (Jon was the founding pizzaiolo at Flour + Water in the Mission), and the Fox Pizza Bus—a repurposed Scottish double-decker down in LA.

Fox Pizza Bus, parked outside Handsome Coffee Roasters in downtown L.A. (photograph courtesy of Fox Pizza Bus)

What’s next? A 747 taxiing down I-5 and dispensing pizzas off the wing?


  1. Mary Lindsay

    In Santa Cruz we have Uncle Ro’s travelling pizza oven. Just the oven, not a truck all around it. You can find Uncle Ro’s at local farmer’s markets (; providing pizza from his oven at Companion Bakeshop for pizza nights with Odonata Winery next door on Tuesday nights; and at other local events like the Surf City Vintners’ “Sunset at Surf City” dinner market – just had one in July and a second is coming up Aug. 18. You can see a photo of the oven and pizza-making at

    July 29, 2012 at 8:45 am

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