The herbs that ate the office

October 27, 2011 | By | Comments (3)

I’ve been eyeing a shaggy corner of the Sunset kitchen garden where the oregano and peppermint exploded over the summer and thinking, if I got busy with the clippers, I could dry these guys. I’d be so on top of things. I’d make dried herbs and tea for the winter, and maybe create enough for holiday gifts while I was at it. Little did I realize that a few minutes of clipping would create an herbal tsunami—and perhaps a whole new trend in office decor.

Shaggy herbs
The shaggy bed of herbs, with oregano on the ground and peppermint in the pot

Herbs after their haircut

The tidy herb bed, post haircut

Wagonful of herbs

Hmm. I guess this won’t really fit in the colander I brought with me.

I wheeled it all into the kitchen and gave the herbs a good rinse in the sink, then got to work tieing up handfuls with string so they can dry. And here’s our new fresh-from-the-garden office decor. 

Herbs as room divider

Peppermint room divider

Herbs as book case freshener

Oregano bookcase freshener

Herbs as bulletin board greenery

Herbal bulletin board greenery

Herbs as cubicle decor

Herbal cubicle decor

Herbs as cubicle dividers

Herbal cubicle divider

Sure glad I took care of that herb bed.