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This week’s biggest winner

The West’s Best Beach Town? Best Hotel Pool? Campground We Can’t Stay Away From? Most Outrageous Roadside Attraction? (No, it’s not the Bingham Canyon Open Pit Mine.) This week, we announced the winners of our first-ever Sunset Travel Awards.

And now Yosemite’s officially open for business!

Yes, we know the park’s open year round (barring wildfire/blizzard/government-shutdown closures, of course). Still, spring hasn’t really sprung for us till two things happen: the cables go up on Half Dome, and Tioga Road opens to cars.

Staff Tales From the Trail: the Good, the Bad, and the Funny

Last July, in preparation for Camp Sunset, we asked our readers to tell us why they loved—or hated—camping. We received a deluge of entries, over 1,300, to be precise. This spring, in honor of our camping issue, we asked Sunset staff members to tell us their most memorable camping stories. We now present their tales from the trail.

Bear With Us

For most of August, Yosemite National Park—heck, the whole Sierra range—was pummeled by the kind of thunderstorm, complete with hail, that I associate with summers back East.