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BASE jumper Dean Potter dies, here’s his best video

I’ve never jumped out of an airplane or high-lined across the Grand Canyon, and the way things are looking, I probably never will.

Bear With Us

For most of August, Yosemite National Park—heck, the whole Sierra range—was pummeled by the kind of thunderstorm, complete with hail, that I associate with summers back East.

A Look Back at Sunset‘s First Cover

Before Sunset became the lifestyle magazine it is today, it started out as Southern Pacific Railroad’s promotional tool in May 1898 to attract tourism to the West. Even though our mission essentially hasn’t changed, we’ve evolved from black-and-white to beautiful, colored photographs. You’ll see we featured a seven-page spread on Yosemite (complete with nostalgia-inducing photos from Joseph Nisbet LeConte of the Sierra […]