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You’ve never seen Half Dome like this!

Whether you’ve basked in the sight of Yosemite National Park‘s Half Dome in photographs or in person, the rock formation’s star power is undeniable. This fan favorite snapshot from our recent National Park wow spots photo contest makes Half Dome’s iconic status clearer than ever. Shot in winter, the photo captures clouds parting to reveal the bald granite dome dusted […]

3 ways to enjoy Yosemite in winter

Half Dome sporting a snowy cap, ice-skating at Curry Village—these are just some of the pleasures of a winter visit to Yosemite National Park. One more: relative solitude. The park gets only one-fifth as many visitors in January as in July. Dan Koeppel shares the best ways to experience the park in all its winter glory.

Happy 125th birthday, Yosemite!

125 years ago, more than 700,000 acres of unadulterated wilderness officially became a California landmark.

Book now: 10 dreamy cabin escapes for fall

Every autumn it happens: By the time the weather chills, and it occurs to me that I want to escape to a cozy cabin in the woods—it’s too late to book one. This year, I’m vowing not to let that happen. I’m planning now for my fall getaway.