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Your New Favorite Wine-Country Town: Saratoga, CA

When you think of Northern California wine country, Napa and Sonoma likely spring to mind—but Silicon Valley? Probably not. The tech industry there gets plenty of attention, but its wineries deserve just as much buzz (not to mention the Michelin-starred dining, gorgeous hiking trails, and tranquil Japanese gardens).

Los Alamos, CA: Editor’s wine picks

A recent travel article on Los Alamos, CA—a wine-country town fifty miles north of Santa Barbara—left us wishing we could sample some of the region’s great wines from afar. Our wine editor, Sara Schneider, held a taste test at the office, and we selected our favorites—four bottles you can buy across the West. If you can’t get to Los Alamos, sipping these is the next best thing. Here are four bottles we love from that region:

Playing Favorites with California Wines

There are exciting wines to discover from regions big and small all over the Golden State. We’re celebrating them all in September for the 9th annual California Wine Month.

Champagne Solutions

Last month, we judged our second-annual Sunset International Wine Competition, which involved 49 judges tasting nearly 3,000 wines over the course of two days—and mind-boggling logistics behind the scenes (washing and re-washing 4,000 glasses, pouring just the right wine into each one of them every time … ). But get a group of wine pros like that in one room, and it’s not all serious business; entertainment is bound to break out.