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What I’m Loving This Week

Note to self: Drink outside California more often. With Sunset headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, it’s too easy to just revel in NorCal wines. So this week, I reminded myself why that would mean missing great stuff, by tasting from the Northwest—specifically, bottles from Washington’s Yakima Valley.

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Three Fantasy Yurts for Yurtaholics

Are you a Yurt-aholic? If so, you probably live West of the Rockies or, possibly, in Mongolia. The symptoms of the affliction are obvious. The photo above sets you into a shivered fantasy of escape, dreaming of how to bankroll staying in that circular canvas-y utopia forever. Those not afflicted look at the above and think, “Wow, does that thing […]

How the West sells wine

How does the West sell wine? Boldly. This Charles & Charles rosé from Washington practically screams “We Are Not France!”

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The electric car road trip of the future

My friends who take their carbon footprints so seriously that they stand on their tippy toes now have their Nissan Leafs, with their 100-miles-per-charge range (ok, 70 miles, maybe). This being the vast, expansive West—land of the long-range, top-down road trip—it won’t be long before the eco-chic dream comes true: By summer, you should be able to road trip in […]