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The Best Northwest’s Island Escape Right Now: Langley, Washington

Late autumn is prime time in the Whidbey Island community of Langley: You’ll have the fir-lined trails, local artisans’ boutiques, and friendly coffeehouses all to yourself. Seattle-based writer Jess Chamberlain created a traveler’s cheat sheet for us. Her five, can’t-miss experiences for Langley day trippers are below. Happy travels!

What I’m Loving This Week

Note to self: Drink outside California more often. With Sunset headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, it’s too easy to just revel in NorCal wines. So this week, I reminded myself why that would mean missing great stuff, by tasting from the Northwest—specifically, bottles from Washington’s Yakima Valley.

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Three Fantasy Yurts for Yurtaholics

Are you a Yurt-aholic? If so, you probably live West of the Rockies or, possibly, in Mongolia. The symptoms of the affliction are obvious. The photo above sets you into a shivered fantasy of escape, dreaming of how to bankroll staying in that circular canvas-y utopia forever. Those not afflicted look at the above and think, “Wow, does that thing […]

How the West sells wine

How does the West sell wine? Boldly. This Charles & Charles rosé from Washington practically screams “We Are Not France!”

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