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Los Alamos, CA: Editor’s wine picks

A recent travel article on Los Alamos, CA—a wine-country town fifty miles north of Santa Barbara—left us wishing we could sample some of the region’s great wines from afar. Our wine editor, Sara Schneider, held a taste test at the office, and we selected our favorites—four bottles you can buy across the West. If you can’t get to Los Alamos, sipping these is the next best thing. Here are four bottles we love from that region:

A Hidden Oasis in Muir Woods

In New York, the cool kids know where the party’s at — and it’s usually at 1am in a top-secret abandoned warehouse in New Jersey. In the Bay Area, you still need to know someone with the directions to find the best weekend party, but the “directions” are a trail map and the dress code is hiking boots and a Camelback.

A house crush on wheels

A Colorado couple hits the road with their chic, renovated Scotty camper

Rare sighting: A Mexico beach without people

Frankly I’m a little disconcerted here in Todos Santos, Baja, without all the sun-blistered bodies fighting for towel space, without the snaking line of engine-gunning SUVs waiting to shell out parking fees, and no smell of burgers and fries before they become cellulite on thighs. I’m not a misanthrope all the time, but this might be the last place on […]