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The secret to moist turkey leftovers

Enjoying the leftovers from your turkey feast is inarguably one of the best things about Thanksgiving. No more awkward political chit-chat with your cousin-in-law distracting you from how amazing that pecan pie is. No more fancy (a.k.a. binding) clothes impeding your ability to overindulge. Just fat-pants freedom and cheery holiday movies to keep you company. The one thing threatening your Black Friday bliss? Dried-out turkey.  The […]

Top 3 holiday hosting hacks

I did an unofficial survey around the office and asked 10 people the same question: “What’s your favorite part of the holidays?” Nine of them gave some variation on “being together with my family” or “enjoying a meal with loved ones.” The other person said, “My favorite part of the holidays is when they’re over. I’m always the hostess!” So […]

Brined and smoked Thanksgiving turkey from Heartlandia

  When Food Editor Margo True fell for the tantalizing turkey photo in Heartlandia, she was in for a world of trouble.

Brown butter autumn squash soup and soft buttery pretzels from Heartlandia

  Having given up meat as a teenager, Digital Managing Editor Erika Ehmsen keeps an eye out for her fellow pescatarian and vegetarian guests on “Turkey Day.” Because while making a meal of veggie side dishes can be delicious, herbivore guests are always thankful for a main dish of their own—like this piquant soup with soft pretzels to soak up every drop.