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Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 5: Victorious, Barely

Who: Megan McCrea, assistant to the Editor-in-Chief I gave up: Meats, glorious, meats–chicken, turkey, and fish included.  The biggest challenge: Where do I begin? Ignoring the enticing smells of my roommates’ cooking? (You made red curry chicken from scratch?? This week? Really?) Fighting the urge to pick up a tasty wrap after working late? (After all, who would know?) But, somehow, I […]


Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 1: Whining about no wine

Who: Andrea Minarcek, Senior Travel Editor I’m giving up: Booze, red meat, and sugar, which I’m interpreting as refined carbs, as well as straight-up sweet treats. So fare thee well, pasta, au revoir, sourdough, and adios, my doughnut pal, you a.m. temptress, you—at least until next week. I chose this because: I’m a masochist? Nah, truth is, I’m a completist by nature—a […]