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What’s Your Favorite Kitchen Tool?

Back in June, we asked you what you might consider your kitchen bestie for our upcoming September issue. You posted your responses on our Facebook page. Over 160 readers gave surprising (and humorous!) answers.

Take the L.A. Idea House’s Home and Garden Tour

If you’re still biding your time, waiting to purchase your L.A. Idea House tickets for the perfect time, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Sunset‘s Good Ideas From 1948

  The vintage equivalent of a modern-day BuzzFeed post, this collection of “good ideas” is from an article in our April 1948 issue, submitted by readers. Despite the senior status of these tips, some of them are still surprisingly useful.     And crafty.  

Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 5: Victorious, Barely

Who: Megan McCrea, assistant to the Editor-in-Chief I gave up: Meats, glorious, meats–chicken, turkey, and fish included.  The biggest challenge: Where do I begin? Ignoring the enticing smells of my roommates’ cooking? (You made red curry chicken from scratch?? This week? Really?) Fighting the urge to pick up a tasty wrap after working late? (After all, who would know?) But, somehow, I […]