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5 easy Christmas cookie gift ideas

Bakers, start your ovens. The holiday baking season is nearly here. More than ever this year, I’m looking for easy Christmas cookie recipes and decorating ideas that I can turn into Christmas gifts without too much effort. If that sounds like you, check out these 5 easy Christmas cookie gift ideas from Sunset’s archives.

What to eat instead of Dungeness crab this year

Given the gloomy outlook for Dungeness crab season this year, we crab-lovers might need to contemplate a whole new holiday tradition. I have two suggestions.

25 days of giveaways

The holidays are a-comin’, and we’re readying our Santa sleigh for you! Last year, our 12 days of giveaways brought us so much happiness, we decided to extend it to 25 days this time.

3 tips for Thanksgiving flower arrangements

One of my favorite parts of hanging out in the wine country for Sunset’s November feature story was learning how to make gorgeous, natural flower arrangements for Thanksgiving. Here are three tips for how you can work magic from Healdsburg SHED co-owner Cindy Daniel and SHED’s floral designer Sue Volkel into your own arrangements.