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Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 5: Treat Yo’ Self

It’s a bit embarrassing that I had to complete this challenge in order to really internalize this, but that clichéd saying really is true: Everything is fine in moderation. And after 5 days of abstaining, I’m confident that I CAN lead a more moderate lifestyle.

Sunset Eat Fresh Challenge, Day 4: I’m rich!

I’m bored. The pretty breakfasts of scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado—and really, just the act of turning on my stovetop at 7am, or, let’s be honest, at all—felt sophisticated and rewarding for about 2.5 days. I almost fantasized about a career as a food stylist.

Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 4: Whoops.

Roasted Beet Salad with Oranges and Queso Fresco, one of my favorites. Who: Trina Enriquez, copy editor I’m giving up: Chocolate (officially; unofficially, all refined/added sugars in desserts) My biggest challenge: The Marketing team threw a good-bye party for a coworker on Tuesday and, in true Sunset fashion, this involved oodles of sweet things. Chocolate cream pie, blueberry pie, strawberry […]

Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 3: Oatmeal for Everyone!

On Monday evening I had a doctor appointment, so I texted my (very sweet, but less than nutritionally savvy) boyfriend Chris to ask him to start the quinoa in the rice cooker before I got home. When the timer beeped, I opened the cooker to find not quinoa, but oodles of very soupy steel-cut oats.