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Our 5 Favorite Travel Finds of the Week

As a travel editor, I spend a lot of time scouring hotel and restaurant reviews, tracking vacation trends, and—I’ll admit—daydreaming about my own next trip. (It’s impossible not to!)

Eat Fresh, Day 5: A balanced blend is key to juicing (no liquid compost, please)

Who:  Erika Ehmsen, Managing Editor of Sunset’s Digital Editions (for your iPad, Android, etc.). This year, I’m determined to:  Incorporate juicing into my daily diet. I chose this because:  I need to change up my morning breakfast-bar routine and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Which shouldn’t be a challenge for someone who stopped eating meat two decades ago. But […]

Eat Fresh, Day 4: to the rescue!

Who: Angela, test kitchen manager. So far, the challenge is going: quite well. My son is home from college so I’m highly motivated to sit down for dinner as much as possible while he’s here.

Eat Fresh, Day 2: Enough with the Evening Snacks

Who: Angela, test kitchen manager. This year, I’m determined to: eat dinner on weeknights and not graze my way through the late evening.