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Spooky Plants

Skip the fake cobwebs this year and add some haunt to your house with these spooky specimens. Pictured above (left to right): Japanese blood grass and black mondo grass; carnivorous plants including Cobra plants, Venus flytraps, and pitcher plants; ‘Sticks on Fire’ Euphorbia; Swiss cheese vine (Monsteraobliqua).

Links We Love: DIY’s to Try

Feeling crafty? Here are some easy projects to put that inspiration to good use, including some stunning oh-so-October decor.

From the Cutting Room Floor: Gorgeous All-Container Garden

We fell in love with Annette Gutierrez’s bright, fun garden that is made almost entirely of containers. She created a series of outdoor rooms to transform the 3,000-square-foot yard. Here is what didn’t make it into the April issue:

Who Needs Trees When You Can Grow Succulents?

Come to think of it… Who needs trees or bushes or even flowers when you have a climate where succulents thrive year-round? This Millbrae, CA (about 20 miles south of San Francisco) front yard fulfills all garden needs with (almost) entirely succulents. Designer Daniel Nolan, of Flora Grubb Gardens, uses tree aloe in lieu of a more predictable choice. Strappy […]