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Links we love: Natural instincts

If you don’t have a garden but spring has you pining for more greenery in your life, here are some fun ways to bring the outdoors into your home:

Where to go this weekend: Pismo Beach, CA

This Central Coast charmer feels like SoCal 40 years ago: friendly, casual, and all about fun on the waterfront.

3 tricks to make your potted plants look extra stylish

A potted plant may be attractive on its own, but nestled in a bed of polished river rocks or surrounded by tiny succulents and it becomes sleek and sophisticated.

Instant Halloween decorating with mini pumpkins and succulents

My neighbor has a great-looking bed of succulents, including green Aeoniums and gorgeous powder blue agaves. Come Halloween, he brightens the scene by spearing mini pumpkins onto the agave tips. Genius—and instant fun.