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5 Sonoma cocktails to try this holiday season

  by Virginie Boone for Sonoma Magazine Just as hearty stews, soups and roasted meats soothe the body in late fall and winter, summer’s piña coladas, margaritas and gin and tonics yield to cocktails with warmth and complexity. The traditional thinking has been that clear spirits are for sunshine, brown spirits for gloom. But this is Sonoma, where winters are […]

Where to go this weekend: Healdsburg, CA

The heart of Sonoma wine country beckons with a soothing river, a dynamic food scene, and the county’s first kombucha bar.

Fast food’s new vegetarian oasis: Amy’s Drive Thru

Road-trip eats for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free folks are few and far between. Unless you bring along your own hummus and carrots, you’re going to be hangry (hungry + angry). I know, I’ve been there. Last weekend, I met the veggie solution to fast food: Amy’s Drive Thru. Yes, from that Amy’s Kitchen, the frozen meal I’m about to microwave.

Where To Go This Weekend: Glen Ellen, CA

Glen Ellen, California, is reclaiming its status as a great Bay Area escape with fresh spots to wine, dine, and relax in Sonoma Valley.