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Links We Love: Wake up Happy

Whether it’s a better cup of coffee brewed in the comfort of your own home, or stepping outside to some gorgeous eye candy in your garden, here are some ways to start your day off right.

Links We Love: Better Budget

The word “budget” often causes a cringe, but pinching pennies doesn’t have to be painful.

The big West fest: Celebration Weekend

It’s kind of heating up around here as we get ready to kick-off our annual open house, Celebration Weekend that celebrates life out West (next year I’m gunning for the theme to be Westphoria). Above is a sneak peek of the 150-square-foot Bellomo Arc House, which the New York Times covered yesterday. Of course, this being the West, the architect, […]

The tiniest house

I believe we’ve tried it all out here—as far as living quarters. Tent cabin. Check. Airstream trailer. Check. Tree house. Check. Retired shipping container (with half a million nautical miles clocked). Check. At last year’s Sunset Celebration Weekend thousands of visitors toured this shipping-container-turned-home, which arrived at our headquarters via flatbed truck. (That’s our office building to the right and […]