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Links We Love: Better Budget

The word “budget” often causes a cringe, but pinching pennies doesn’t have to be painful.

The big West fest: Celebration Weekend

It’s kind of heating up around here as we get ready to kick-off our annual open house, Celebration Weekend that celebrates life out West (next year I’m gunning for the theme to be Westphoria). Above is a sneak peek of the 150-square-foot Bellomo Arc House, which the New York Times covered yesterday. Of course, this being the West, the architect, […]

The tiniest house

I believe we’ve tried it all out here—as far as living quarters. Tent cabin. Check. Airstream trailer. Check. Tree house. Check. Retired shipping container (with half a million nautical miles clocked). Check. At last year’s Sunset Celebration Weekend thousands of visitors toured this shipping-container-turned-home, which arrived at our headquarters via flatbed truck. (That’s our office building to the right and […]

A house built for music

In the patting-our-own-back department, we’d like to reintroduce you to a house Sunset highlighted way back in 1969, when its modular design was the cutting edge of residential architecture. Although this redwood-and-glass house in L.A.’s Highland Park failed to spark the prefab revolution its designer (J. Lamont Langworthy) and backer (the Ford Motor Company) had clearly hoped for, it has […]