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From the Cutting Room Floor: Family-Made Whidbey Island Cabin

We spent two beautiful days photographing the “Family Made” story about the Robertson family’s Whidbey Island cabin and ended up with enough images to fill a whole issue.

The World of Competitive Shucking

Taylor Shellfish Farms’ retail store on Seattle’s lower Capitol Hill not only boasts the largest production of farmed bivalves in the country, but also an international oyster-shucking champion among its ranks. A mere three seconds is enough for Taylor’s head shucker, David Leck, to serve up a perfectly clean Kumamoto, and he has the first and second place international titles to prove it.

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From French Fries to Fashion

Our West Coast obsession with food trucks has been widely documented, but for people who are looking for a mid-afternoon makeover instead of a macaron, fashion trucks are where it’s at. Here are a few places to buy your kicks near Route 66.

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Couch Fest: The Awkwardly Awesome Film Festival

Take a film festival, mix in the networking spirit of a Meetup and Seattle’s homebody tendencies and you get Couch Fest, the annual film festival that takes place in people’s living rooms. Yes, you heard us. That means you go to someone’s house and watch movies – mind you, Sundance-quality shorts. But on a stranger’s sofa. For free.

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