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Heritage Eats: a fresh start for fast food

Big things with small prices are coming in the burger-and-fries world. Sharing a shopping center just north of downtown Napa with the likes of Trader Joe’s, Heritage Eats is now bringing locally raised pork, beef, and chicken to the masses—well, the masses that can afford to live in wine country.

The northern lights hit the West, San Francisco’s best shops, and more great travel finds

Summer is officially underway, and it’s Friday—time to pack our bags and hit the road. 

San Francisco to builders: Don’t flush our drinking water

Ask a San Franciscan—native or adopted—what we love about our town, and water will be high on the list. We have a history of fighting to protect our postcard-perfect bay and Pacific views from waterfront development, but we’re equally fierce about our drinking water, sweet (I swear) Sierra snowmelt from Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. 

6 Best Places to Experience the Real San Andreas

Like a few million other people—so far its total box office take is $287 million so that’s a lot of movie tickets—I spent two happy hours watching Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas.