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Beer and Music, Together At Last

Beer has always played a supporting role at concerts, but finally there’s a music festival that gives beer its long-due recognition.

San Francisco’s First* Online Pop-up Shop

We’ve seen plenty of pop-up restaurants, pop-up retail stores, even pop-up art galleries out here. But an online pop-up shop?

Rethinking Black Friday

I have a lot of stuff. My closets, the basement, and even a storage unit across town contain the escalating accumulation of middle-class life. And yet, somehow, I’m always shopping for more stuff: garden supplies, sports equipment, holiday gifts. So when I was invited to join Yerdle, a sharing site that, fittingly, launches today (you know, Black Friday), I accepted.

(Not) Your Run of the Mill Food Cart

If you had asked me to guess what the next iteration of food cart would be, I probably wouldn’t have said a moped with a custom tandoori oven serving Georgian & Chechnya street food made by the former Meadwood pastry chef, Boris Portnoy.