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This weekend: Learn writer Pico Iyer’s surprising travel secret

Getting travel advice from Pico Iyer is a bit like getting acting tips from Meryl Streep or basketball pointers from Lebron James.

Toast to National Tequila Day, celebrate cycling in Oakland, and more great travel finds

100 new marine species discovered by Cal Academy of Sciences

First, please take a moment and congratulate yourself—you’ve survived Shark Week! The Discovery Channel’s seven-day sizzle reel of shoddy science, bad acting, and snap-happy great whites is now safely behind you, freeing up your unsevered attention for more serious fish stories.

Heritage Eats: a fresh start for fast food

Big things with small prices are coming in the burger-and-fries world. Sharing a shopping center just north of downtown Napa with the likes of Trader Joe’s, Heritage Eats is now bringing locally raised pork, beef, and chicken to the masses—well, the masses that can afford to live in wine country.