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What to Eat this Week: Crickets … in Portland, of course

Move over, kale: This new superfood darling has legs. Six of them. And this week, Portlanders are digging in at the Cricket Cook-Off. Back in my college days, bug-eating contests were de rigueur at our end-of-year bacchanalian celebration, where my fellow coeds would fill an amphitheater to watch stoner bros and theater divas alike indulge in antennaed tidbits made palatable by […]

Brown butter autumn squash soup and soft buttery pretzels from Heartlandia

  Having given up meat as a teenager, Digital Managing Editor Erika Ehmsen keeps an eye out for her fellow pescatarian and vegetarian guests on “Turkey Day.” Because while making a meal of veggie side dishes can be delicious, herbivore guests are always thankful for a main dish of their own—like this piquant soup with soft pretzels to soak up every drop.

Fall gardening: 4 drought-busting plant combos for a cooler planet

Not to beat a dead lawn, but as summer temperatures were rising after two winters in a row of very low rainfall, the drought was never far from our minds in the West. So we reduced how often we watered our gardens … and lawn-shaming became a sport. But here’s the rub: Not watering our gardens—and allowing them to die—only heats up the […]

The Drunken Botanist branches out: Amy Stewart’s new crime novel

Writer Amy Stewart is widely known for her six nonfiction titles about gardening—and the allure, curiosity, and danger of plants and the natural world. Stewart has appeared in Sunset‘s pages on topics ranging from the cut-flower industry to poisonous plants to botanical cocktails, all themes of her bestselling books.