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Links we love: The art of the table

Even if you don’t love to cook, one way to wow guests is through, as the French call it, l’art de la table. Here are some great ideas for tablescapes that are totally easy to pull off.

Rainbow Carrots with Smoky Paprika Vinaigrette from The Picnic

Home Editor Joanna Linberg, a passionate salad fan, peeled rainbow carrots until the cows came home—with beautiful (and delicious!) results.

Japanese Potato Salad from The Picnic

Senior Web Editor Jessica Mordo discovered a surprising new way with cucumbers while making Japanese Potato Salad.

Celebrate Spring with a Picnic!

Here at Sunset, we don’t just write about food: we live and breathe it. Whether we’re obsessing over ways to make gourmet s’mores, testing our limits with the Sunset Eat Fresh Challenge, or hunting for the West’s best taco, we are serious.