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Trina Turk’s 5 Picks for Palm Springs

Back in December, SoCal designer Trina Turk and her iconic prints splashed onto the pages of our Design Boom feature. As Palm Springs ramps up for its festival season (Coachella! Stagecoach!), we asked Trina—who splits her time between the desert town and L.A.—for an under-the-radar tour.

The Sexiest Hotel in Palm Springs

When planning a romance-infused escape from the daily grind, there are a few key things we crave in a hotel. Judging by the following, we’d say the Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs has it going on. (Doesn’t hurt that fall is a prime time to visit the desert.)

Forever Marilyn in Palm Springs

It’s not a mirage. This 26-foot tall Marilyn catching the breeze in downtown Palm Springs is 34,000-pounds of real.

Dream airport: Palm Springs

Let’s take a minute to appreciate just how much the Palm Springs Airport is like a resort. Palm trees and scenic mountain views? Check. Meticulously landscaped grounds with shaded alfresco areas for lounging? Yes, indeedy. Overpriced cocktails and kitschy souvenirs being purchased by the overly tan? Of course. This outdoor terminal is inspired, with extra little touches of genius, like […]