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Machu Picchu in a San Francisco Backyard

Camelias and hydrangeas? No, thank you. Western garden creators like it wild. Lucky for us, our mild coastal climate in the Bay Area means we can use tropical plants (like bromeliads) as we let our imaginations run free. Example: Designer Christopher Reynolds was given carte blanche when it came to designing a friend’s San Francisco backyard. He took a jungly […]

Dreamy Outdoor Shower on an Oregon Farm

Artist/builder/lightning rod Drew Bennett and Brent Bucknum, CEO of Oakland’s Hyphae Design Lab were tasked with building a shower for a campsite on a farm in Salem, OR. True-blue Westerners, they knew only one way to do this sort of project: Make it totally sustainable and totally awesome. The pair used three existing poplar trees as the posts for the deck, […]

Sunset Test Garden: Window on the West

Make no mistake, we love our sustainability and creative reuse in the West, but at Sunset Magazine it’s also got to look good. Enter the father/daughter duo of McKenna Landscape.

The tiniest house

I believe we’ve tried it all out here—as far as living quarters. Tent cabin. Check. Airstream trailer. Check. Tree house. Check. Retired shipping container (with half a million nautical miles clocked). Check. At last year’s Sunset Celebration Weekend thousands of visitors toured this shipping-container-turned-home, which arrived at our headquarters via flatbed truck. (That’s our office building to the right and […]