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Our kind of porch swing

Jump into the hot seat with us: the IDV Love Seat, that is.

Ask the Expert: Pam Burke on designing your outdoor living space

We asked Pam Burke, seasonal and holiday merchant for Orchard Supply Hardware, for her expert advice on designing and updating your outdoor living spaces. I moved from where it’s always sunny to where it’s windy and rains quite a bit. My wood furniture just isn’t going to cut it. What type of material should I purchase? –Mallory Shreff, Portland, OR Aluminum […]

Ask the Expert: Gina Wicker on choosing fabrics for your home

We asked Gina Wicker, design and creative director for Sunbrella, for her expert advice on picking the right fabrics for your outdoor and indoor spaces. I have outdoor fabric on all my furniture outside. Every summer, at least one gets a large “gift” from a bird flying overhead. What’s the best way to clean this cushion? Will washing one and […]

Machu Picchu in a San Francisco Backyard

Camelias and hydrangeas? No, thank you. Western garden creators like it wild. Lucky for us, our mild coastal climate in the Bay Area means we can use tropical plants (like bromeliads) as we let our imaginations run free. Example: Designer Christopher Reynolds was given carte blanche when it came to designing a friend’s San Francisco backyard. He took a jungly […]