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Oregon’s wolves might lose endangered species status

Though only 81 gray wolves (81!) are known to live wild in the entire state, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff has recommended removing the animals from the state Endangered Species list.

Where to go this weekend: Astoria, OR

Eating Up the West Coast: A woman walks into a bar

Brigit Binns is the author of Eating Up the West Coast, an adventure-packed road-trip cookbook that she wrote for Sunset. Here, in her third in a series of guest posts, Brigit shares her tips for discovering good eats while dining solo—but you can join her for dinner this Saturday at An Oak-Kissed Evening Under the Stars at Refugio in Paso Robles, one of the events at […]

Fall gardening: 4 drought-busting plant combos for a cooler planet

Not to beat a dead lawn, but as summer temperatures were rising after two winters in a row of very low rainfall, the drought was never far from our minds in the West. So we reduced how often we watered our gardens … and lawn-shaming became a sport. But here’s the rub: Not watering our gardens—and allowing them to die—only heats up the […]