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Eating Up the West Coast: A woman walks into a bar

Brigit Binns is the author of Eating Up the West Coast, an adventure-packed road-trip cookbook that she wrote for Sunset. Here, in her third in a series of guest posts, Brigit shares her tips for discovering good eats while dining solo—but you can join her for dinner this Saturday at An Oak-Kissed Evening Under the Stars at Refugio in Paso Robles, one of the events at […]

Fall gardening: 4 drought-busting plant combos for a cooler planet

Not to beat a dead lawn, but as summer temperatures were rising after two winters in a row of very low rainfall, the drought was never far from our minds in the West. So we reduced how often we watered our gardens … and lawn-shaming became a sport. But here’s the rub: Not watering our gardens—and allowing them to die—only heats up the […]

Meet Herb Quady, Southern Oregon winemaker

In our October issue, we explore three exciting wine regions in the West in The Grand Wine Tour. Up-and-coming Southern Oregon, a sprawling land of 150 microclimates, is one of our not-to-miss three. But let’s face it: when people think Oregon wine, they think Willamette. So, we sat down with Herb Quady, winemaker at Quady North in Applegate Valley, for a […]

4 new hotels in the West, perfect for a staycation