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The Hammock Tree, Perfected

Western farmers are always innovating. Hydroponics, vertical farms, the purple tomato—you name it, they’ve green-thumbed it. They even innovate accidentally, like by raising a forest of poplars perfect for hammock hanging.

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Dreamy Outdoor Shower on an Oregon Farm

Artist/builder/lightning rod Drew Bennett and Brent Bucknum, CEO of Oakland’s Hyphae Design Lab were tasked with building a shower for a campsite on a farm in Salem, OR. True-blue Westerners, they knew only one way to do this sort of project: Make it totally sustainable and totally awesome. The pair used three existing poplar trees as the posts for the deck, […]

The Verdict on the Purple Tomato

Just when we thought we were at a tomato dead-end out here (not really—that’ll never happen), along comes ‘Indigo Rose’. Named after a burlesque dancer? Nope, it’s the color. Oregon State University released the much anticipated purple tomato this year…anticipated as much as a vintage of wine. I mean, this baby even has her own 700-word press release. ‘Indigo Rose’ isn’t […]

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Vintage trailers for modern cowgirls

I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots and horses kind of freak me out. But, resting my head in one of these trailers from Cowgirl Cabins (From $55/night) in Bend, Oregon? Wild, wild West here I come.