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Where to go this weekend: Silverton, OR

Even in the wet season, this tiny Willamette Valley town has romance galore, with a lush garden resort and the chance to glimpse a frozen waterfall.

Oregon’s newest hot spot for climbers and hikers

There’s something new beneath an arch of the Maple Avenue Bridge in Redmond, Oregon, 19 miles northeast of Bend: A challenging course for rock climbers.

3 stealable garden ideas from Oregon’s King Estate

 At King Estate Winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the scenic vineyards, restaurant, and tasting room are only part of the story. This place is a must-see for gardeners.

Oregon’s wolves might lose endangered species status

Though only 81 gray wolves (81!) are known to live wild in the entire state, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff has recommended removing the animals from the state Endangered Species list.