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Tour de Coop Hits Palo Alto

You know how we feel about our chickens — it’s poultrypalooza out here.

And, of course, coops gotta have style. But what’s the point of all that style if there’s no one to cluck over it? Enter the Tour de Coop, a self-guided bicycle tour of local chicken coops and gardens (bonus Western cred points for the two-wheel requirement).

A Hidden Oasis in Muir Woods

In New York, the cool kids know where the party’s at — and it’s usually at 1am in a top-secret abandoned warehouse in New Jersey. In the Bay Area, you still need to know someone with the directions to find the best weekend party, but the “directions” are a trail map and the dress code is hiking boots and a Camelback.

Farms: The New Disneyland

We love our farmers. Here, they kinda out-rock star real rock stars (we’re looking at you, Novella Carpenter). They bring us local produce that’s fresh and pesticide-free, they make our cities greener, and they celebrate things like bacteria. Case in point: The recent Fermentation Festival at Tara Firma Farms in Petaluma, CA. Yep, there were pickles. But also kefir, fresh […]

Who Needs Trees When You Can Grow Succulents?

Come to think of it… Who needs trees or bushes or even flowers when you have a climate where succulents thrive year-round? This Millbrae, CA (about 20 miles south of San Francisco) front yard fulfills all garden needs with (almost) entirely succulents. Designer Daniel Nolan, of Flora Grubb Gardens, uses tree aloe in lieu of a more predictable choice. Strappy […]